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Everything you need to know about Subject Matter Experts

A Subject Matter Expert (SME) is an individual who exhibits the highest level of expertise in performing a specialized job, task, or skill within an organization. We all can’t know everything about everything. When in need of knowledge and expertise on a certain topic, a Subject Matter Expert is your go-to to complete a project. He’ll help you make sure the content is accurate, and everything is focused on the correct angle. If you need to create training material they’ll make sure the guides are updated and efficient. However, if you are not really sure of what a subject matter expert is or how they work, let us enlighten you. What is the role of the SME? Essentially, to ensure facts and technical knowledge presented on a project are accurate. As mentioned above, there is a variety of projects, especially educational that tend to require a subject matter expert, like training videos, manuals, courses, assessments, etc…When developing a curse or a training program, the role of